Home Show Offer

Make your own show!


Available for our customers in the Bel Air, MD area.  Hosting a home party is great fun! While any party can be customized to your needs, the norm is for you to invite a group of friends to your home (minimum of 10 is requested) for a night of laughter and fun while we all visit, socialize and try on some great artisan created jewelry.

There is no presentation or sales pitch and definitely no sales pressure. As the host you would probably want to provide some simple finger foods and beverages - but the key is to make everything easy and laid back.

Benefits to hosting a home party with JSS Designs:

You receive a base credit toward the purchase of your own JSS Designs Jewelry Creation based on the number of guests who attend ($20 for 10-14 guests, $30 for 15-19 guests).

You receive an additional bonus credit of 10% for any sales made during the party. For example - if you have 12 guests who attend the party, and during the party $700 in sales are made, at the end of the party as the hostess you would have a $90 credit to use in purchasing your very own JSS Designs Jewelry!

As a convenience to your guests, we accept cash, personal checks AND credit cards.

If you are interested in a home party, please contact us as soon as possible to get on the schedule! Thanks for your interest!

Jackie Swartz

410-836-0158 LJCSwartz@hotmail.com