Goodbye 2011 -- Hello 2012

After tomorrow maybe there will be winter weather here in MD.

Today I tried a couple of yummy new recipes from friends -  Black bean salad and sugared cranberries.
The  Christmas tree came down and the gone skiing sign went up on the front door.

I also just put in my first order for supplies in 2012.  I do odd jobs when bored:-)

But I can't stop -- there is no snow anyway

I find that I deal with frustration by making something with color, shape and pattern.  That is my story and I'm sticking with it

So here are the next versions of my pins.
They are hand forged aluminum and brass wire

I really need to stop

It seems that the penannular and fibula pins have captured by interest and they won't let go.

Here are the latest.

A car engine really needs antifreeze

Today was the day to catch up on errands.  Driving out of Home Depot the car started to put out a stream of smoke/steam.  Yep, a leak in the hose.  So we drove, coasted, paused our way home.

It could have happened in a much worse place or time but out front of the house would have been nice.

We are good to go now.

Serious ski mode

Now it is  time to dig out the ski gear, plan our share of the menu, map the route and get in a little exercise.

Change is alway difficult but when it is into ski mode..... not all that bad!

Last year's photo

Tomorrow - Holiday Mart

With mixed feelings I head out tomorrow morning for my last show of the year. (see the earlier post for details).

I look forward to seeing lots of former and new shoppers.  The weather is looking good and I have lots of new designs to offer.  Hopefully, this will be the grand finale. 

Sunday I will be at the Harford Artists Gallery 12-4