Artist's Statement

Jewelry was not the original goal when I discovered this medium.  A friend wanted to make a pin so we bought supplies and a book.  After a fun day of play she was ready to quit and gifted the supplies to me.  I didn’t stop.  I tried several projects then did research for more information.  I fell in love with the colors, shapes and patterns.  It has taken on a life of its own.
My patterns all start as solid colors of artists’ clay (polymer clay).  I condition the clay then blend my custom colors.  The clay is then stacked, rolled, recombined and/or reshaped to form the pattern into a cane (log/loaf).  With this pattern I hand shape beads or cover objects.  I then hand sand and buff the beads which gives them a stone like feel and look.
My work with color and pattern is my own journey with art.  I’m often asked how long it takes to make my art.  I truthfully don’t know.  It is something I love.